Statement- Hate Has no Place

Hate has no place in our country.
Hate has no place in our community.
Hate has no place in our school division.

Sunday evening in London, Ontario 4 members of one family were killed in what London Police Service describe as a targeted act because of their Islamic faith.

We are here to support our Muslim community whom we deeply respect. We share in your grief from this senseless and horrific act of terror. We stand with you steadfastly to fight against Islamophobia, discrimination, and racism in all forms.

Heavenly Father,
We pray for the family and friends who are in mourning today following the tragedy in London, Ontario.
We ask you to comfort them through their time of grief.
May we come together as a country to share our love,
Uniting as one human family.
Open our eyes, to see you in everyone we meet,
Showing compassion and understanding to each other.
Embolden our hearts, to treat everyone how you would treat them,
And strengthen us in your name, to pray for all who are in need.
We ask this in Jesus’ name.